Let's lead the digital world together!

If you are a highly motivated person who follows new technologies, you cab take your place in our dynamic and young team.

You can apply to the following job postings to take part in the creative team of Nox Digital.

General Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming,
  • Develop all necessary software in multiple mobile applications written with Flutter/Dart in a Super App architecture according to user stories and sprint backlogs
  • Building mobile applications that run smoothly on both Android and IOS platforms and maintaining the code to keep bug-free and updated with the latest technologies and improvements
  • Maintaining existing application for possible fixes & performance improvements.
  • Write clean, high-quality, high-performance, well-tested code including unit test development
  • Having a product mindset for new features
  • Willingness to take ownership of problems and solve them
  • Familiar with Flutter’s gestures, animations, WebSockets, internationalization,
  • Experience with complete Flutter projects is preferred,
  • Open to teamwork and continuous learning, we are looking for a teammate.

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